30 Days of Lists: Day 17

Today’s list is about our desks.  In my house, that is Command Central.  It is where I craft, where I study, where I write, where I do everything I need to do to keep this family on point.  And since my desk is a repurposed dining room table that used to seat 6, it means a lot of room for stuff!

D14 List 17 - On my desk today

Credit:  Oh, My Geekness kit by Colie’s Corner, purchased from Ginger Scraps


30 Days of Lists: Days 13-15

Playing a little catch-up this Monday morning!  It’s been a long weekend of baking and just indulging in some much needed down time!

D14 List 13 - Current Soundtrack

Credit:  He’s Making a List kit by Little Rad Trio, purchased from Ginger Scraps



My youngest son is obsessed with “The Hanging Tree” by Jennifer Lawrence on the Mockingjay soundtrack, so I have been hearing a lot of that!  And Sir Christopher Lee… he ROCKS!  For those that are not LoTR nerds like me, he is 92 and is the actor that played Saruman.  He also just released his latest Christmas music on iTunes… heavy metal style!  I love him!  And Israel is one of my favorite Hawaiian musicians that really bring me back to the islands.

D14 List 14 - On my nightstand

Credit:  Pretty as a Peacock by Keystone Scraps, purchased at Ginger Scraps



My husband laughs at me because I have a very specific setup for my nightstand at night!!

D14 List 15 - Out my window

Credit:  My Favorite Brew kit by Aprilisa Designs, purchased from Ginger Scraps


This was my view this morning as I sipped my morning coffee.  I love my mountains!

30 Days of Lists: Day 11

Today’s list is about having too much to do and not enough time to do it.  Considering my stress level lately, I could probably have come up with more!  Maybe someone to sleep for me, deal with my stress… the possibilities are endless!

The pic below is clickable to see them full-size in a new window.

D14 List 11 - Parts of my life I wish I could outsource

Credit:  To Do List collab kit, purchased from Ginger Scraps (no longer available)