87 things & counting,…

  1. My middle name is Covey. It is a family name.
  2. I was an only child for almost 11 years.
  3. In high school, I vowed never to marry.
  4. I did it anyway,… more than once!
  5. I was in the Army for a long time.
  6. I miss being a soldier.
  7. I got to be stationed all over the place.
  8. My favorite assignment was Schofield Barracks, HI.
  9. I also worked at the National Security Agency.
  10. I had three jobs in the Army.
  11. My favorite was being a Signals Intelligence analyst and a linguist.
  12. My least favorite was supply.
  13. I met my husband while I was working in my 3rd job, an admin clerk.
  14. We were stationed in VA.
  15. I have 4 sons.
  16. My husband jokes that my eggs are territorial and want to be the only x-chromosomes, hence the sons.
  17. I will read just about anything I can get my hands on.
  18. I think George Stroumboulopoulos is sexy as hell!
  19. I also have not-so-secret crushes on Channing Tatum, Jensen Ackles, and Jake Gyllenhaal.
  20. I was raised in upstate NY.
  21. I hate public bathrooms with a passion.
  22. I hate people who are judgemental.
  23. I believe in religious freedom.
  24. I also believe that the freedoms and rights of marriage should be extended to same sex couples.
  25. I am pro-choice.
  26. I voted for Obama.
  27. My late grandfather would most likely NOT have approved.
  28. I hate being taken for granted.
  29. That happens more often than not in this house.
  30. My youngest son was born with a cleft lip & palate.
  31. He has had 2 surgeries for it so far and he is beautiful.
  32. I have no surviving grandparents.
  33. My grandmother was the last and she passed in April 2008.
  34. I lost my grandfather in 1997.
  35. I miss them both beyond words.
  36. I love foreign languages.
  37. I was a Vietnamese and Polish linguist in the Army.
  38. I love to do a lot of crafty things.
  39. My favorite crafty endeavor is crochet.
  40. I think I have a yarn habit.
  41. It makes me feel good when my brother asks me to make things for him.
  42. I also make hand bags.
  43. I make jewelry sometimes, too.
  44. I also cross stitch.
  45. I love Merecedes Lackey novels, especially the Valdemar series.
  46. I also love Stephenie Meyer's Twilight novels.
  47. Katherine Hepburn is one of my favorite all-time actresses.
  48. I live for iced tea.
  49. I love coffee, but I am not addicted.  Really,…
  50. I HATE soda.
  51. My favorite wine is white zinfandel.
  52. I am addicted to World of Warcraft.
  53. I try to play a little every day.
  54. It is my biggest stress reliever.
  55. I have 7 tattoos.
  56. I got my first one at age 19.
  57. It is a dinosaur on one knee smelling a red rose.
  58. It was drawn by an ex that was a good guy.
  59. I can't say that about all my exes!
  60. My next was a calla lily.
  61. I love the meaning of it, but the execution was awful.
  62. My third tattoo was a roadrunner.
  63. I got it for the wrong reasons.
  64. My next was a hibiscus that I got in Hawaii.
  65. I love that visual memory of my life there.
  66. My 5th is a Chinese character meaning love.
  67. I plan on getting the Chinese characters for "family", "honor", and "integrity" around it.
  68. My favorite tattoo is of 2 stargazer lilies with "Grandma" and "Grandpa".
  69. I plan on having my calla covered with a lily to match it.
  70. My most recent tattoo is the closet I will come to having a man's name on me. It is a camou heart on my arm, surrounded by the words "Soldier Daddy" for my husband,
  71. I want to get a matching tattoo with my brother.
  72. I have a couple other ones in mind, too.
  73. My husband is tattoo-free.
  74. I have 6 holes in my ears, 1 in my nose, 1 in my tongue, and 1 in my navel.
  75. My husband is piercing-free, too.
  76. He is very "white bread" in a lot of ways.
  77. I am so very NOT!
  78. I am almost 9 years older than my husband.
  79. His birthday is the same day as my grandmother's was.
  80. We called them the twins!
  81. My brother's birthday is exactly 2 weeks after my husband's.
  82. They are only 2 years apart in age.
  83. My family refers to themselves as dysfunctionally functional.
  84. That's because all the exes, steps, and various kids still get along,… for the most part.
  85. I have 1 full brother, 1 half brother from my dad's 2nd wife, 2 step brothers from my stepdad, and a stepbrother and stepsister from my stepmom.
  86. My secret ambition has always been to write a book, and I working hard to make that happen.
  87. After a too-long break, I am also fulfilling my goal of earning my Bachelor's degree.



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