::The Basics::
name: Kimberly
nickname: Kiki or Kim
birthday: 12 August
anniversary: 13 April
hometown: Upstate NY
kids: Donovan, Ka'lani, Scott, Ty

I'm a SAHM to 4 boys, an aspiring author, a full-time student, a wife to an active duty Army soldier, and an Army vet.  Some days I think my name is only "Mom" or "Hey, you", but it isn't.  It's Kim, a daughter of the Goddess.  )O(

One response to “mamalicious

  1. Hello Kiki! I was just going thru some old emails and found one with a sigtag I got from you. I saw that your graphics site was gone but am happy to see that you still have your blog. Cool *U* One of these days I want to pursue doing a blog but still have it on my to-do-list. LOL Anyway, it was fun to visit tonight! -Hugs, Laurie

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